GradeCam works with most document cameras and almost any inexpensive webcam.

GradeCam will work with most cameras on most systems via a USB connection.
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Download the GradeCam Plugin

If you know of compatibility with a specific document camera, we would love to add it to this public database. Please email to let us know.

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Camera Patch & Compatibility Notes


For AverMedia cameras, download the latest presentation software: (choose your model)

Make sure your current AverMedia software is not running, and your camera is not connected to your computer when installing the Aver+ update.

The AverVision 300AFHD model, has a small switch on the right side. This switch is to the right (taped over when new out of the box) and set to USB Flash Drive. Switch to the left, to the
“PC CAM”, “SD Card”, “Internal Storage” side, before the computer will recognize the camera.

NOTE: The Aver300P is no longer supported.


VERY IMPORTANT changes with the Chrome 45 update:

With the current update to Chrome 45, most older Elmos (TT-12 and older) will no longer work in Chrome. The Chrome team has removed all support for external browser plugins which would have the ability to use the proprietary drivers needed to support Elmo cameras. We are investigating possible alternate methods but do not have a release estimate at this time. If you previously needed to run the Elmo-enabled plugin to use your camera with GradeCam, you will need to use a different browser in order to continue the same level of support.

Newer Elmo cameras  use standard USB camera drivers and will continue to work in Chrome. We are very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused — it is unfortunately entirely out of our hands. We will continue looking for alternate methods to interface with older Elmo cameras.  Elmo P30 users need to make sure that the Elmo settings show that you are using a USB connection. (Note: If the camera does not show you may need to log out and log back in or Reboot your computer.)
**Please make sure you have the latest GradeCam plugin:


Please Note: Make sure that you not only download the files but that you also install them. The Elmo camera must be connected to your computer via a USB connection, and document camera software must be installed on the computer.
Step 1: Plug the ELMO and PC together through the USB Cable. Make sure ELMO is on, no software is running, and the ELMO camera is illuminated.
Step 2: Download and Install the Elmo plugin
Elmo plugin for Mac:
Elmo plugin for Win:

Step 3: Log out of Grade Cam and close browser.
Step 4: Log back on to Grade Cam.

After the plugins have been downloaded and installed go to settings in GradeCam, select Camera and then select your Elmo camera from the drop down menu. Elmo P30 users need to make sure that the Elmo settings show that you are using a USB connection.

Please note: If the camera does not show you may need to log out and log back in or Reboot your computer.


Epson DC10s camera works only if you have an S-Video to USB patch cable such as the one on the link below:


Model: S200L

Image sensor: 2 Mega pixels (CMOS)

Frame Rate: 30

Resolution: 1600*1200

Built-in led light: YES

Video format: AVI, WMV

Interface: USB2.0

Focus Automatic

Certificates   CE, FCC, RoHs


If you’re a SMART user and would like to use GradeCam, please contact SMART and request that they make their cameras GradeCam compatible.