July 5th, 2011

Just back from ISTE in Philadelphia

Our GradeCam  team just returned from the 2011 ISTE conference.  We had a phenomenal time in Philadelphia and were able to  demonstrate how easy it is to grade  multiple-choice tests using a camera to hundreds of educators.  If you were one of those that came by–thank you!  We also had the chance to visit with many of our new integration partners–those companies integrating our technology to collect item-by-item information for their applications.  We’re proud GradeCam will be associated with some of the most prestigious names in the industry.   These early integrators all seem to be very in touch with teachers and classrooms–in most cases our mutual customers are the ones  pushing the integrations!–and they are very excited about offering a revolutionary and affordable solution that makes it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn.  This is only the beginning and the number of applications using GradeCam technology will continue to grow.  GradeCam users, you are the ones driving the change.  Keep pushing!!!


Brandon Wisloski was the winner of our ISTE coupon drawing in Philadelphia.   Brandon’s entry form was drawn from hundreds of entries on Wednesday afternoon at the close of the exhibit hall by one of the ISTE staff members.  He won a one year subscription for all the teachers at his school to GradeCam  plus four ClassCams.  Brandon’s is the tech facilitator  at  St. John’s School located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA,.

Congratulations Brandon on winning!  We were thrilled to see you wearing one of our t-shirts when you came back to collect your prize.

Brandon Wislioski, the winner of our drawing at ISTE

Below is a picture of the GradeCam team in front of our booth in the exhibit hall. Our t-shirts were a show hit. We capitalized on the fact that we were in Philadelphia and used the slogan “GRADECAM: FREEDEOM FROM GRADING OVERLOAD” underneath a graphic of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. Tami wanted it to read, “FREEDOM FROM GRADING TYRANNY,” since tyranny can mean a cruel and oppressive condition, but she was over-ruled. Most of the team thought it was melodramatic. (Jake also liked the tyranny slogan.)

GradeCam team at ISTE