Formative assessment tools

Unlike a summative assessment, which measures student learning that has already taken place, a formative assessment helps teachers monitor student comprehension, needs, and progress over the course of instruction.

These kinds of evaluations are enormously beneficial tools for clarifying problem subject areas, adjusting lesson approaches, and re-teaching troublesome material. They can also be helpful in identifying student learning differences. The challenges lie in timely paper grading and useful data extraction.

For teachers using frequent quizzes to monitor progress as they go, it is not uncommon to seek out some sort of teacher app or test grader to meet the demands of high volume scoring and fast feedback turnaround.

A variety of assessment approaches

In formative classrooms, teachers use different types of instruction and evaluation to ensure students are keeping up with the material being presented.

Sometimes students will work independently or with a partner, while other times they may work collectively or in small groups. They might be asked to summarize meaning, organize information, represent ideas visually, or even share their understanding with others. Daily assessment check-ins can also be quick and easy tools for teachers to measure progress and identify challenges.

Scores, while necessary to track data, are more of a guide than a goal in responsive learning environments, and are not intended to be used or counted in the same way a summative assessment would be. This is where a versatile grader app can be invaluable.

The swiss army knife of paper graders

GradeCam was specifically created to be an efficient, effective, and easy grader app for teachers that can lighten the load of the work they are already doing in their classrooms.

From diverse question types and scan-and-score capabilities to instantaneous grade transfer, GradeCam is an answer for much more than just how to grade a test quickly. It allows teachers to customize assessment forms, print multiples on a page, link questions to standards, insert answer keys into existing worksheets, laminate sheets for re-use, and even let students grade their own papers.

But perhaps the best part is that it requires no special forms, can be scanned and scored with any mobile or desktop device, and provides instantly meaningful, flexible, and sharable data. Now that’s easy.

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