October 27th, 2014

Guest Post by Karen Morrill: GradeCam has transformed my teaching…

GradeCam has transformed my teaching. I teach high school English– five classes of about thirty students each. When I give a quiz or test, they used to take ages to grade. Inputting scores is tedious, time consuming, and hard on my eyes. But with GradeCam, I can score and input grades into my on-line grade book (Infinite Campus) in minutes rather than hours.The hours saved are put to better use– reading and assessing essays or preparing lectures or other academic activities. Moreover, the data GradeCam provides is very useful. My students love this feature as well- it gives them a sense of where they stand in the class, and it allows us to go over material in a focused way as they determine which questions we review. GradeCam provides a great way to use data to calibrate my courses efficiently and productively, and it has truly made me a better teacher.

Karen Morrill

South Washington Local School District – Minnesota