July 30th, 2015

Top 3 “SHUT UP” moments of ISTE 2015

We are just coming down from our ISTE 2015 conference high to tell you all about it. We saw a bunch of long-time friends and met so many new faces at the annual International Society for Technology in Education conference in Philadelphia, PA.

We were so proud to debut our new branding with a brand new booth. Our new logo represents our faster-than-a-speeding-bullet grading and, most importantly, it’s a super hero symbol for you teachers – the real super heroes!

Hundreds stopped by to play our Plinko game and attempt to win one of our fabulous prizes. We gave away 20 free teacher licenses (one winner was all the way from Hong Kong!) plus 75 t-shirts, and 50 gift cards to Starbucks or Staples.

You teachers and administrators are so much fun, but, I must say, I could barely get through a demonstration without someone telling me to shut up.

It usually went something like this…

Me: You just copy and paste your grades from GradeCam to your electronic gradebook like this…

Teacher: SHUT UP!

See what I mean? So, without further adieu, the top 3 times I was told to shut up at ISTE 2015:

1. The scan
Scanning with GradeCam is a snap. You can scan 30 tests in under a minute using a webcam, doc camera, phone, tablet or Chromebook. You just hold your scan sheet in front of the camera like this and… SHUT UP!!!

2. Transferring grades
Transferring scores to any electronic gradebook with only one keystroke has always been a huge timesaver for GradeCam users. You just click on the top cell and press F8…. SHUT UP!!!

(Here’s a tutorial for more info.)

3. Student portal
We unveiled our new student portal at ISTE 2015. For teachers who want to go paperless, our new portal allows teachers to create student GradeCam forms online and deliver them to classes on any device. Students are able to see their scores as soon as the assessment is complete or at the discretion of the teacher. Teachers can also now push student scores on scanned assessments to their portal for online viewing… SHUT UP!!!

Thank you so much teachers, administrators and the great city of Philadelphia for a wonderful ISTE experience. See you in Denver in 2016!

– Rick Porter
GradeCam Co-Founder