October 12th, 2015

From our Idea Book: GradeCam for School Administrators

GradeCam isn’t just for teachers! School administrators can reduce their mounds of paperwork too with strategic use of our scan sheets.


Students aren’t the only ones being evaluated. When you do your classroom visits, carry along a scan sheet with the areas in which you’re evaluating teachers.

Teachers and administrators often work together on disciplinary issues. Make both our lives easier by tracking incidents with GradeCam.

It’s almost Homecoming time! How does your school collect and count the ballots for the Homecoming court? Are you the one stuck counting every last little slip of paper? Well, no more! Have an election powered by GradeCam and you’ll be announcing the King and Queen by the end of the day. Consider using GradeCam ballots for class officer elections and prom court too.

GradeCam ballots can even be used for daily polls where the results are announced during the morning announcements. Students can make their preferences heard about what should be served at the cafeteria to something completely un-school related like what kind of pets they have.

Are you an administrator using GradeCam? How do you use it?

Want more ideas on how to use GradeCam? Download our full Idea Book here.