November 20th, 2015

GradeCam unites with Performance Matters’ Unify

We’re very excited to welcome our new friend to the GradeCam playground: Performance Matters! Their Unify platform now seamlessly integrates with GradeCam, making assessment and data analysis as easy as pie.

Read more details in a release from our new partner:

K-12 districts and schools are constantly searching for new ways to save teachers time while improving the quality of day-to-day instruction. Thanks to a new partnership between Performance Matters and GradeCam, teachers now have a new way to efficiently access, analyze and act on assessment data to positively impact students’ academic performance.

Through this partnership, the Unify assessment platform from Performance Matters now seamlessly integrates with GradeCam web and document camera technology. Using GradeCam, teachers can instantly grade assignments and tests with any webcam or a document camera, and the scores are immediately available in Unify.

In addition, students can swipe their homework under the camera and get immediate personal feedback. Within Unify, teachers can then analyze the data from the classroom tests, assignments and homework, along with district assessments, state assessments and standardized tests to gain a 360-degree view into student performance.

“Performance Matters is a company known for providing its customers with the most innovative data solutions available. Along with that, they’ve also consistently demonstrated their commitment to ensuring that educators can effectively use their data to improve student learning,” said Tami Porter, co-founder of GradeCam. “Now, with Unify and GradeCam, they’re giving teachers a quick and easy way to collect data in the classroom, using cameras they already have. It’s a very practical solution, one teachers are sure to love.”

“GradeCam offers teachers a great alternative to formative assessments that are administered online or via traditional scan forms,” said Woody Dillaha, CEO and co-founder of Performance Matters. “We are delighted to have this valuable tool available for our customers!”

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Happy Scanning!