June 29th, 2016

GradeCam Summer Checklist

Like setting the chairs on the tables and filing away all those papers that piled on your desk throughout the year, there are a few things you can do to tidy up your GradeCam account in preparation for next school year.

Before you settle into the dog days of summer, here’s 5 things you can do on your GradeCam account to set yourself up for success:

1. Export Your Data

Export the data you need from the year’s assignments. You can export data as a .csv file from any report table within GradeCam Go!. Check out the More button for downloading options.

2. Transfer Your Grades

Make sure all grades are transferred to your electronic gradebook. Don’t worry! We always save all your data. You may just want to double check to make sure your gradebook is complete for the year.

More info on how to transfer grades to any electronic gradebook.


3. Create New Classes

Create new classes for next school year. Remember to always use unique student IDs for every student. If you would like to compare data from year to year, do not delete your classes. Just be sure the new class names are different than last year’s class names.

More info on how to manage class lists.


4. Clone Assignments

If you are planning on reusing assignments from last year into the new school year, the Cloning feature is your best friend! Cloning an assignment creates a copy – including the key and any standards attached – to save you massive amounts of time. There’s no need to recreate assignments from scratch. You can even make edits to the assignment once it’s cloned.

Bonus Tip: Be sure to rename the assignment to make it unique for the new school year. You could end each assignment with “2016-17” for example. Including the unit or section number will help immensely too. Naming a math test “Division” could prove to be unhelpful 12 months later when you are trying to figure out which division quiz is the one you need.

See our support desk for step-by-step instructions on how to clone an assignment.


5. Save Your Reusable Exam Forms

Reusing laminated forms from last year is a great strategy and cost saver. We always encourage testing them to make sure they still work after the year’s wear and tear.

More on how to print reusable exam forms.

Now you can relax for the summer knowing you’re all set for next school year. Enjoy. You deserve it!