December 6th, 2016

A Holiday Wish for the Tireless Teacher

We see you teachers on the other side of that computer screen.

On our side, we witness the number of scans climbing as as your holiday break nears. And that’s just those of you using GradeCam. We know there are teachers across the world still tirelessly hand-grading papers.

The weeks before the holidays, you gladly trade what little free time you have during the day to put in a little extra time with a student. You scour the web, Pinterest perhaps, for a better idea, a new tactic that will help that other student “get it.”

You go shopping to buy gifts for family and friends, but get distracted by a fantastic deal on something for your classroom. You spend your own money on that perfect something, and then throw in an assortment of candy to give out to your students.

You leave school for winter break weighed down with enough baggage for a transcontinental vacation. But, you’re headed home to grade on your kitchen table or a well-worn sofa cushion.

In the evenings you cozy up with a hot beverage, your red pen, and most recent Netflix binge watch. You settle into your grading rhythm, worn and familiar.

You love “your kids” dearly and think about them often over break. You wonder how they are doing. You know the details of some of their home lives. You know some are going home to difficult situations. You hope despite it all they get their Christmas wishes.

This holiday season, our wish for you, our tireless teachers, is time. We wish for you time with loved ones, time for rest and reflection, and time spent solely to fulfill you.

You pour so much of your time into our next generation, it’s high time you take some well-deserved time for yourself.

Happy Holidays to You and Yours,
The GradeCam Team