April 8th, 2020

Top 3 Online Assessment Tool Questions – ANSWERED!

In response to massive school closures and the transition to remote learning, GradeCam granted access to our online student assessment portal free to ALL accounts through the 2019-2020 school year. The student portal is a paperless assessment alternative that allows students to access assignments online.

We want to support the transition from using paper assessments to assessing online as painless as possible, so we created a Facebook group to support all remote learning teachers. You can join here.

Here’s the first in a series of trainings from a former classroom teacher and our Customer Success Representative, Kate Piland. She answers the top 3 questions for getting started with the GradeCam Student Portal for online student assessment.

Top 3 Questions about the Student Portal – ANSWERED!

Kate goes into deeper detail in the above training video, but the following are the key points you can use for reference:


1. How do I get my students logged into the portal?

Students are given unique login codes. You can find them by selecting the classrooms you’re interested in then hitting “Student Login Codes” under the More section. (Shown at the 5-minute mark of the video.)

You will be able to cut and paste the login codes or download an Excel or CSV document with all of them.

Make sure your students know to use their names the same way they appear on the login code screen. A student who types “Ben” versus “Benjamin” will not be recognized.

Students do not need to create an account with GradeCam, they just need their login code from you.

If your students have a Google account (either school or personal), they can click “Continue with Google” to login with their Google account. They will only need the GradeCam login code the first time they log in and can login with Google every time thereafter.

2. How do my students access their assignments?

Click on any existing assignment in GradeCam and make sure you’re in the “Keys” window. You’ll see a “Student Portal” button in the top right-hand navigation bar. A window will pop up with the student access settings. (Shown at the 7.5-minute mark.)

Choose your class and make sure to hit “Add.”

You can then choose the time period the assignment will be available. Then, click on the three dots and select “Copy link for sharing with students.”

You can now paste that link in an email, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams – wherever you communicate your assignments with your students.

You also have the option of uploading a PDF of the assignment so students can view it right alongside the assessment.

3. What will the students see?

Teachers have many options for what students can see in their portal. (Shown at the 11.5-minute mark.)


Assignment settings

In that Student Portal window, you can adjust settings for what students can see while assessment is available and after the assessment has expired. You can control if they can see their final score or if individual questions are correct, for examples.


PDF attachments

In the assessment window, click on “Attachments” in the top right-hand navigation bar. Here you can upload PDF documents either for your own reference or check the box to make sure the students see them as well.

If enabled, students can view any accompanying documents side-by-side with their assessment.


Teacher feedback

Teachers can leave feedback for students right inside the portal!

After students have taken an assessment, click on the “Scans” window and select the “By Question” in the top right-hand navigation bar. Click on the speech bubble icon to the right of any question and a teacher feedback box will appear.

More Student Portal Information

Check out our COVID-19 page for the most updated information and instructional ideas!!


What else can GradeCam do?

If you’ve never experienced GradeCam before and are coming to us with the recent need for an online assessment solution, let us share a little bit about what we can do!

GradeCam empowers teachers to quickly and easily customize, score, and record assessments – without special forms, equipment or buy-in. You create your own tests or quizzes with our online software to distribute to students by printing on plain paper or delivery in the online student portal.

Paper assessments are graded in an instant by scanning them with any web camera, iPhone or Android device. Assessments from the student portal are collected together for review and teacher feedback. Paper or digital, you have all the data at your fingertips. You can view detailed reports of class or student progress, and transfer scores instantly to any electronic gradebook.


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