January 18th, 2022

Always Evolving

Explore our recent updates to Gradient by GradeCam in the product release notes.

GradeCam began as a modest grading tool that allowed teachers to easily create assessments on plain paper and then scan-and-score them with their own devices. It was a simple solution to a common challenge. And the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It turned out to be more than just the beginning of our company. It was the start of a conversation with fellow educators that led to identifying and addressing a variety of different pain points in the assessment process.

Over time, we have continued to expand, evolve, and innovate valuable assessment solutions, including analytics, data sharing, LMS integration, roster syncing, a Student Portal, automated grade transfer, and more. And there’s still more to come with the launch of our redesigned interface this summer.

In order to reflect this exciting momentum and trajectory, we have changed the name of our flagship product to Gradient. It’s beautiful in its simplicity – just like our app! And the vibrant new logo, literally powered by GradeCam’s original orange wings, beautifully represents the speed, agility, and accessibility that has become our trademark.

While our product name and logo may have changed, our mission remains the same: to empower districts, schools, and educators with assessment solutions that minimize workloads and maximize learning.

It will always be that simple.

See the powerful simplicity of Gradient for yourself!