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Capistrano USD

Secondary Schools


The educational technology team was seeking a solution to use for assessment and data practices. Many teachers were found to be underutilizing the costly system currently in place as it was extremely time-consuming and complicated. The team needed a solution that was a better fit for their needs without the hefty price tag.


The leadership team promptly implemented Gradient, achieving full operational readiness, including training for teachers within one month. Due to the seamless integration of Gradient, there was no need for curriculum material adjustments, enabling educators to swiftly utilize the platform and immediately start gathering student response data.


Gradient seamlessly integrates with Canvas, boosting assessment efficiency and gradebook management. The teachers use Gradient for daily formative assessments and common assessments to leverage student data in PLC discussions. At the district level, Gradient supports the distribution of benchmark assessments and systematic data reviews across schools to provide comprehensive insights into student outcomes.

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Suburban School District






Faculty to Student

“As director of educational technology for the Capistrano Unified School District in southern California, it was my department’s responsibility to find a program to replace [our current system]. We had been with [our current system] for over ten years, however, we noticed teachers were not using the Item Bank, therefore we needed to switch to a program that provided similar tools as [our current system] without the Item Bank and the high price tag as well.

When I first contacted GradeCam, they immediately got on a Zoom call with me to discuss my district’s needs. Gradient, which is a product of GradeCam, had everything we needed in a program to replace [our current system] except the Item Bank, which our teachers were not using, so it was an easy decision to move forward with Gradient.

Within a week, GradeCam had all of our secondary teachers and students rostered in Gradient. This was an especially smooth process because they work with Clever for SSO. We then quickly set up trainings for our secondary teachers. Over the next two weeks, Katie conducted four in-person trainings at our district office. To say I was nervous about this transition is an understatement. For the most part, our teachers were not particularly happy about having to learn a new tool after so many changes during the Pandemic. However, Katie was so confident and knowledgeable about the product that I was able to relax after about 15 minutes into the first training. Katie’s attention to detail and her knowledge of the product helped the teachers realize this transition would actually benefit them in the long run. After every training, teachers left thanking me for the training as well as finding such a great product to replace [our current system].

I am extremely satisfied with how this transition is being accepted by our teachers, and I have no doubt it is because of the professionalism, knowledge, and attention of the staff at GradeCam.”

Stephanie E. Avera
Chief Technology Officer,
Capistrano Unified School District, CA

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