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Date Time Webinar Topic
  • May 8, 20193:00 PM ESTReports: View Data by Filters and "Drill Into" Option
  • May 14, 20191:00 PM ESTGradeCam Go!: Share Assignments to Online Student Portal
  • May 23, 201911:30 AM ESTOnline Student Portal: Students Take Assessments Online
  • May 29, 20198:00 AM ESTNEW Observational Assessment (available with add-on feature Handwriting Recognition Response)Register
  • June 6, 20199:30 AM ESTGradeCam Go!: Create Multiple Version AssignmentsRegister
  • June 12, 20191:30 PM ESTReports_View the Data by Students, Classes and TeachersRegister
  • June 20, 20192:30 PM ESTGradeCam Go!: Student Portal_Integrate Google Classroom Assignment LinkRegister
  • June 25, 20199:30 AM ESTScore Rubric/Rubric Capture by Student or Class Question by QuestionRegister