GradeCam fits perfectly into each unique
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    10 Questions

    Print free plain paper forms

    Scannable by any computer, tablet,
    smartphone, or document camera

    Item Analysis

    Note: Basic plans automatically start with a 60-day free trial of GradeCam Go! Plus. If desired, you may contact GradeCam to opt out of the free trial.


    Includes a 60-day free trial of Plus


    1000 Questions

    Multiple question types

    Print free plain paper forms

    Scannable by any computer, tablet,
    smartphone, or document camera

    Link questions to standards

    Reports by question, score, student, class, teacher, and standards

    One-touch grade transfer into any digital gradebook

    CSV exports


    per teacher

    Free 60-Day Trial


    1000 Questions

    Includes all the features in Plus

    Rosters built and populated by GradeCam

    Share assessment data with other teachers or administrators for PLCs

    Custom standards

    Student Portal available (as add-on)

    Core Administrative Portal available (as add-on)


    per student (+ one-time setup fee)

    Free 60-Day Trial



  • basic (b)
  • plus (p)
  • school/district (s/d)
Scanning BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Max Number of Questions Per Assignment

Grade multi-question assignments with any laptop, document camera, smartphone, or tablet.

10 Questions 10 1000 Questions 1000 1000 Questions 1000
Multiple Version Exams

Use multiple test versions to prevent cheating.

check image check image
Credit Assignments

Credit forms provide a predetermined amount of points for student work.

check image check image
Score Assignments

Score forms create an alternative scoring method for teachers by assigning overall points or a percentage value for an assignment.

check image check image
Share Assignments and/or Benchmarks

Share your assignments or standards-aligned benchmarks with another teacher, school, or entire district.

check image check image
Multi Page Scanning check image check image
Student View

Students can scan their own assignments for immediate feedback.

check image check image check image
Forms BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Print Free Plain Paper Forms check image check image check image
Question types BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Rubrics check image check image check image
Numeric Grids

Limited to three digits with Basic.

check image (limited to 3 digits) check image check image
Custom Multiple Choice

Create questions with up to 10 customizable answer options.

check image check image check image
Reporting BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Customized Reporting check image
Instant Item Analysis check image check image check image
Class Reports check image check image check image
Custom Performance Bands check image check image
Longitudinal Reporting check image check image
Standards BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Common Core and State Standards check image check image
Next Generation Science, ACT College Readiness, and National Foreign Language Standards check image check image
Custom Standards

Add your own standards.

check image
Exporting BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Transfer Grades to Gradebook check image check image
CSV Exports check image check image
Sharing BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Share Assignments and/or Benchmarks check image
Share Assignment Data with Other Teachers or Administrators for PLCs check image
Rosters BASICB PLUSP School/districtS/D
Rosters Built and Populated by GradeCam check image
Sync Rosters Nightly with School Information System check image
Demographic Reporting check image
Student Portal

Paperless assessment alternative that allows students to access assignment online with a secure personal login – anytime, anywhere.

check image
Core Administrative Suite

GradeCam Core streamlines data-driven decision making at the school or district level.

check image

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