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Test grading has never been the most enjoyable task for teachers, but as class sizes have grown and reporting requirements have increased, scoring tests has become a more time-consuming endeavor than many people realize. This disparity in perception was explored in a recent Tech & Learning white paper that actually revealed a number of under-appreciated challenges related to today’s multilayered assessment processes.

Additionally, in responsive classrooms, formative assessments are increasing the volume of papers that need to be graded on a timely basis, which is leading many teachers to search for easy grader apps, software, or other tools that can expedite the scoring process.

Grading Tests: Before And After

If the only struggle for teachers faced was figuring out how to grade a test quickly, there are certainly test grader services available that can save time with grading papers. Unfortunately, these “solutions” are often costly and can require new equipment, special forms, and substantive professional development.

And, ultimately, teachers need assistance with more than just paper grading. They also need truly flexible options for creating tests and quizzes, tracking standards, reviewing data, transferring scores, and sharing reports. Ideal formative assessment tools would address all of these steps in the assessment process with efficiency.

GradeCam Empowerment

GradeCam offers a holistic approach to test grading – created by teachers, for teachers – that simplifies and saves time at every step in the assessment process. From customizable multiple choice to handwritten answers and teacher-completed rubrics, test creation has never been easier.

Answer forms can be printed on ordinary paper, added to worksheets, and laminated for reuse. Scoring can be done using any mobile device, computer camera, or document scanner. Sortable and shareable data is automatically generated. Grades can be instantly transferred to any digital gradebook. Students can even scan their own papers for instant grades and/or missed questions – as determined by the teacher.

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