September 23rd, 2011

Guest Blog by Alice Keeler

Alice Keeler

Fresno, CA
Math Teacher, Technology Coach, MS Educational Media Design, CV CUE Secretary, GCT. Passions: Collaborate, Innovate, Open Source, Technology, Data

GradeCam Scoring in Action

Ding, the sound of grading success! For many years I have been the proud owner of a Gradecam. Students, parents and fellow teachers marvel at the grading genius on my desk. I love to teach, I love the kids, I love my subject area… I do not love grading. Grading homework causes me to sacrifice time with my family or sacrifice time that I could spend creating higher quality lessons. It’s paperwork, and it isn’t fun. Gradecam however is fun. It is grading BLISS. Students receive instant feedback that their assignment has been graded, I know immediately who has and hasn’t completed their work and can make parent emails to ensure that parents can support me, I am able to focus on the student and the assignment rather than the paperwork and the best part is that it magically zaps into almost any gradebook.

Students fill out a Gradecam score form with their student or class ID and then grade their work against a rubric. Students scan in their score while I review the assignment. This gives me time to make meaningful feedback to students, to mark on their paper and give it right back to them. I do not have a pile of papers on my desk. Blissful freedom to leave at the end of the day rather than deal with paperwork.