In addition to their regular work week, teachers spend an average of 15 additional hours a week grading papers and other job-related duties. That’s because daily quizzes, weekly tests, and other frequent student check-ins are vitally important formative assessment tools in today’s responsive learning environments. The data these assessments provide can be instrumental in the classroom. Not only can it identify where students are having problems, but it can also help guide reteaching when it is most beneficial. The difficulty for teachers is grading, compiling, and reviewing that information in a timely enough manner for it to be useful. Grader apps created for teachers have become more commonplace, but they are often an incomplete solution beyond the most basic of formats.


A test grader app can certainly help speed up the time-consuming grading process, but the reality is that assessments involve much more than just grading. Teachers also have to create their own tests, track required standards, transfer scores, monitor individual and class progress over time, and generate data reports for administrators. All of these other associated responsibilities mean that teachers have needs that extend well beyond how to grade a test quickly. Educators need fast, easy, and customizable tools that help at every stage of the formative assessment process. The less time spent on processing paperwork, the more time teachers have to teach.


GradeCam was designed to improve teachers’ lives by addressing the many layers of work involved in creating, scoring, and recording formative assessments and generating meaningful data – without sacrificing quality. Diverse answer types include fully customizable multiple choice, true/false, number grids, rubrics, and even handwritten numbers, letters, and short word responses. No costly forms or new pieces of equipment are necessary. Simply print on regular paper and scan with any digital camera to score in a snap. Grade recording is a single-button function. Data is automatically generated and filterable by question, standard, student, class, teacher, school, and more. Reports can be instantly created and shared with peers or administrators for PLCs, meetings, and other reporting requirements. And these are just some of the capabilities and features that make GradeCam much more than your run-of-the-mill teacher grader.

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