January 5th, 2016

50 Ways to be a Superhero Teacher with GradeCam

Every superhero needs some killer super powers in their arsenal. GradeCam is the secret weapon that can leave your students, parents and administrators in awe of your super speed and data minefield. Discover 50 ways your superhero status can be upgraded with GradeCam:

  1. Exit tickets are a snap… or, more accurately, a beep. 🙂
  2. Questions on your assessments are tied to specific standards.
  3. You save paper with laminated exit cards.
  4. You can still deliver that quiz on a snow day with the online student portal (not that the kids are celebrating or anything).
  5. Your exams are graded before the final bell!
  6. No need to search for last year’s assessments. They’re all on your profile!
  7. Your kids grade their own quizzes AND GradeCam records it automatically.
  8. Mind reader status: You know what’s in your student’s heads before they leave the classroom.
  9. Your Sunday nights are spent {reading, catching up on your DVR queue, etc.}
  10. Data? I got that!
  11. You actually ate lunch on your lunch break.
  12. You transferred grades to your grade book in one keystroke.
  13. You have that cool tech savvy teacher aura about you.
  14. Standards-based data reports? No sweat!
  15. Two words: Immediate. Feedback.
  16. Pay for bubble sheets? Um, no.
  17. You never fear parent phone calls. Your assessments show exactly how little Sophie earned that grade.
  18. You print out scan forms on plain paper. No need for special scan sheets!
  19. Your super scanning powers know no bounds. Crumpled paper. Half-filled bubbles. No problem!
  20. You pass your grading superpowers to your students. Why should you do all the heavy lifting?
  21. Your students don’t get dinged by a no-answer or blank question. (GradeCam catches that.)
  22. You have the solution for grading high stakes, benchmarks, grade level or classroom tests in a snap.
  23. Homework credit is in your gradebook before the end of class.
  24. Your scanning ability can be used on demand, at any time. No need for you to rush to the office to use a special grading machine.
  25. Grading over Spring Break? Um, no.
  26. A student deserves extra credit. BAM! Completion credit assignments? BAM! #InYourGradeBook
  27. Mark your class roll like a boss.
  28. Survey says…. You show your students the results of class polls and surveys immediately.
  29. Your principal asks for a report on “that kid” in your class. You print a report and hand to him before he leaves the room. BOOM!
  30. You leave entering grades one-by-one to the history teacher…as a story for him to tell how teachers did it way back when. #ancienthistory #oldschool #PressF8
  31. You print student forms with ID numbers already filled in. No name? No problem!
  32. You import your student and class info from other software before you can say: Not Grading Tonight!
  33. You export your test results and use your data, well, anywhere else you need it.
  34. You don’t worry about the double-bubble problem. (GradeCam catches that.)
  35. No sweating. GradeCam automatically saves your data and backs it up.
  36. You track data longitudinally and graph it. #datanerd
  37. You scan your way through so much more than multiple choice assessments. Constructed response, free response (with rubrics), and number grids – to name a few.
  38. Need results for different classes taking the same assessment saved together but have to report on them separately? You got it!
  39. You can give up to 5 different versions of an assessment, AND easily track it all. #magic
  40. You rock that just-in-time instruction.
  41. Parents love that they can check on little Jaxson’s scores on the GradeCam student portal.
  42. You hold students accountable. You want credit for your homework? You don’t want to be marked tardy? Scan in!
  43. Look at you using that document cam to scan assessments!
  44. You can scan lengthy assessments in a single bound! Your forms allow up to 1,000 questions.
  45. Your students don’t have pencils. #whatever! Forms can be filled in using pen, pencil or felt-tipped markers.
  46. Your scan sheets aren’t thwarted by the unsteady early elementary hand. Your bubbles do not have to be perfectly filled like other forms.
  47. You track standards longitudinally and graph it. #datanerd
  48. You have a team of trusty sidekicks that have your back (in the form of unlimited phone and email support).
  49. You are a kind soul that gives students a second chance and allows them to correct their answers. Besides, GradeCam saves the new score automatically. No need for you to make any adjustments.
  50. You got class result ninja skills – bar graphs, overviews, and tables – no problem!

If you haven’t yet added GradeCam to your superhero arsenal, sign up for a free trial today!