Our #1 Grading Hack (and 5 ways to use it!)

Save paper, tons of time and many trips to the copier – all with one simple grading tip.

GradeCam's #1 grading hack (and 5 ways to use it!) This simple tip will save teachers hours of time at the copier and grading papers.


Our #1 GradeCam grading hack:

Laminate your GradeCam scan sheets.



Even simpler GradeCam grading hack:

Put your GradeCam scan sheets in plastic sleeves.



Yes, they still scan!


5 Ways to Use Your Reusable Scan Sheets:

1) Exit Tickets: Laminate your GradeCam scan sheets and stick to the corner of each student desk for a quick exit ticket. Students can use a dry erase marker to answer a few questions at the end of each class. 


GradeCam scan sheet on student desk for quick exit tickets and assessment

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2) Station or center work: Have students take an assessment as a part of center time and allow them to scan themselves and correct their work until they get all the questions correct.

3) Test for multiple classes: When you’re giving the same assessment to multiple classes, only print off a blank set of answer sheets. Put the answer sheets in sleeves and voila!

4) Homework credit: Use a credit form to give students a set number of points for turning in homework or writing in their notebooks.

GradeCam CREDIT form. Just scan to give students credit for homework assignments. Automatically added to gradebook!


5) Blank class set: Print off and laminate blank scan sheets to have at the ready.


Even though it is as simple as that, here are a couple tips for added success:

1) Print a test sheet and laminate or place in a plastic sleeve first. Mark on and scan the test sheet to make sure it works properly before copying a class set and laminating them all.

2) Use a dark-colored dry erase marker. Black works the best. The more contrast, the better the scan sheet reads.


Happy Scanning!

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