Exit Ticket Data in a Snap

The easy, fun and fast way to make sure you’re utilizing formative assessment is the exit ticket. If Pinterest is any indicator, exit tickets or exit slips are one of the hottest tool in education right now. As Tami explained in her post, hundreds of studies show that utilizing formative assessment is the most effective teaching strategy that exists.

The issue for most teachers is how to do it quickly and effectively.

Wait. What is this exit ticket thing?
An exit ticket is a quick quiz to identify what students internalized from the day’s instruction. Typically they are 3-5 questions but can be as little as one question. The results guide you on how to focus your instruction for the next day. You can also determine the homework you need to assign based on the results.


Using your device or document camera, you can scan in your exit tickets for instant data!


4 Easy Steps to Exit Ticket Domination with GradeCam

1. Students have reusable scan sheets in-hand
Use laminated cards or slip covers to reuse the same exit slips over and over. (See this post for details.) You can change the questions every day without having to create new forms.

You can tape a wipe-off exit ticket (a GradeCam scan form) to the corner of the student desks for quick assessment!


2. Give 3-5 questions to test understanding
Whatever suits your fancy: Put the questions on the SmartBoard, pass out a sheet of paper, give them verbally, etc. Students mark their answers.

Use wipe-off exit tickets (a GradeCam scan form) to the corner of the student desks for quick assessment!


3. Scan
Students can come up to a document camera as they finish and scan their exit tickets individually. They will know their scores immediately and have an opportunity to correct their answers. Or, you can come around to each desk with an iPad or iPhone to scan and discuss answers as you go.

Use wipe-off exit tickets (a GradeCam scan form) for quick assessment! Scan with any device or document camera.


4. Transfer Data
Data collection and transfer barely counts as a step because your data is automatically collected and the GradeCam hot key (F8) sends it all to your electronic gradebook. BAM!

Press F8 (the GradeCam hot key) to send all your scanned student assessment data to your electronic gradebook!


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