April 13th, 2017

Teachers: How to Save Hours of Gradebook Logging

Credit and score forms can save teachers precious time logging assignments in their gradebooks.

Teachers save tons of time scanning bubble forms for assessments or exit tickets, and get valuable data. But, what about all those other pieces of paperwork teachers process day-to-day?

Teachers have to log:

  • Homework
  • Extra credit
  • Attendance forms
  • Permission slips
  • Writing samples
  • Research papers
  • Lab work
  • Speeches
  • Art projects

These items are often credit/no credit, a single score or a simple checkmark. No item-by-item analysis is needed; however, they must be logged to keep tabs on your students.

Enter: GradeCam Credit and Score Forms


Credit Forms

Credit forms give a predetermined amount of points for an assignment. They are great for homework assignments, permission slips or writing logs – just to name a few examples.

How it works: You set the amount of points you would like the assignment to be worth. Any form scanned will receive that number of points.

Once you’ve printed off the forms, you can embed in the handout, or affix to the corner of a homework binder or writing journal with clear tape.

See a tutorial here for detailed instructions on creating a credit form.

Once all the forms are scanned, you can immediately transfer the scores to any electronic gradebook using the GradeCam hotkey, F8. See our tutorial for more detailed instructions on grade transfer.

In the case of permission slips, which are not usually worth points, teachers won’t transfer the “grades” but look to see who hasn’t turned in the slip and follow up with those students.


Score Forms

Score forms are similar to credit forms. However, a score form allows you to fill in the specific score for an assignment versus automatically giving full credit. Score forms are great for grading any non-objective work such as essays an term papers. Not only that, but scan form technology can help score and grade art projects, presentations, essays, math assignments (where work is shown), etc.

Teachers determine an overall point value for an assignment, review the student work, and bubble in the student score on the form.

The forms can then be scanned and grades transferred to the gradebook with only the click of a button. Easy peasy!

Make-up practice worksheet with score form

Give one of these forms a shot for logging tomorrow’s homework assignments and we bet you’ll never go back!