January 30th, 2018

New White Paper: Understanding The Classroom Assessment Gap

A new white paper from Tech & Learning discusses the classroom assessment gap and gives eight important takeaways for principals and administrators. GradeCam is proud to sponsor this eye-opening resource for educators.


500 Educators Surveyed

Tech & Learning conducted a survey of 500 teachers, principals, and district administrators recently that brought to light a gap in understanding between teachers’ experiences with assessment and administrators’ perceptions of what’s happening with assessment in the classroom.

“The survey reveals that teachers are clearly overwhelmed by the tasks of grading, scoring, recording, and sharing student performance data.” - - , -

Sure, a certain amount of disconnect is expected given administrators aren’t witnessing assessment on a daily basis, but sometimes the gap is shockingly wide. And, it spans from the type and frequency of assessments to the time involved in creating and grading assessments – even the availability of technology such as document cameras or mobile devices.

Key Findings

Survey results reveal a gap in understanding in the areas of:

  1. Assessment type and frequency
  2. Required assessments
  3. Time spent grading (inside and outside the classroom)
  4. Using technology to score assessments
  5. Time spent transferring grades to the gradebook (and if it can be done electronically)
  6. How long teachers have to wait for access to assessment results
  7. The quality of the data received
  8. Year-over-year improvement in the efficiency of the grading process and source of assessment questions


Education Expert Weighs In

A valuable addition to the white paper is commentary from Vicki Davis, award-winning educator and thought leader behind the Cool Cat Teacher blog.

“The time delay between giving assessments and accessing the results, Davis notes, indicates that formative teaching still is not taking hold as much as we would like to see.” - - , -

Read it for Yourself!

Authored by Annie Galvin Teich, a K–12 market specialist, this resource is one you don’t want to miss!

Visit our Close the Gap page to download the white paper and read the findings for yourself.