April 26th, 2018

Discover the Easiest Way for Teachers to Track Standards

Tracking how each student is doing on individual standards is nearly impossible for a teacher to do manually. Lucky for them, GradeCam allows teachers to assign a specific standard to individual questions on each assessment. Mo’ Data – No Problem!

GradeCam empowers teachers to quickly and easily customize, score, and record assessments – without special forms, equipment or buy in. Teachers can use our easy online grader to score assessments in an instant by scanning them with any web camera, iPhone or Android device. Then, teachers have all the data at their fingertips! They can view detailed reports of class or student progress, and transfer grades instantly to any electronic gradebook.


A Teacher Testimonial

Here’s what Kevin Krein, an Advanced Language Arts/Social Studies teacher at Maywood Middle School in Renton, WA, told us about using the standards feature in GradeCam:

To recap what Kevin said:


Overall Scores Don’t Paint the Whole Picture

Having data on individual standards is powerful. Seeing assessment scores doesn’t tell you if an individual student is hitting her benchmarks. She may be getting an A in the class but could have zero understanding of some crucial standards.

The problem is: you don’t know what you don’t know. Giving assessments tells you generally how a student is performing. You have no way to diagnose those scores and help that student improve.

GradeCam not only gives you reports on how your class did on individual assessment but each question on those assessments. And, if you’ve attached a standard to that question, our standards report shows you how the class or individual student is doing on each standard. Now you have the information you need to target reteaching to those specific standards!

“GradeCam gives me something I can show to my principal when I need to talk about how my students performed and relate to my overall growth goal for my class.” - – Kevin Krein, , Middle School Language Arts/Social Studies Teacher

Numbers Tell the Story For You!

Teachers are now armed with data to knowledgeably talk with team teachers, principals, and parents. GradeCam standards reports give them a handy visual aid to share with students and anyone else that needs to be in-the-know.

We’ve been toldby many teachers they print out these reports and display in the classroom to motivate students to reach their individual goals.

Get started collecting more student data today by signing up for a GradeCam account in the box below. More data is a win for everyone!