March 9th, 2019

How to Use an Online Grader for Advanced Placement Practice Exams

Advanced Placement teachers can give their students a distinct advantage on the AP exams with instant results on practice tests. GradeCam can mimic the exact format of the AP exams AND instantly grade them! The immediate feedback of where and how students are going wrong is invaluable to their success on the real deal Advanced Placement exams.


How Gradecam Works

In case you’re new to GradeCam, our goal is to empower teachers to quickly and easily customize, score, and record assessments – without special forms or equipment. You create your own tests or quizzes with our online software and print scan forms on plain paper. You can use our easy online grader to score assessments in an instant by scanning them with any web camera, iPhone or Android device. Then, you have all the data at your fingertips. You can view detailed reports of class or student progress, and transfer grades instantly to any electronic gradebook.

“GradeCam does a really great job of allowing me to replicate the format of the actual AP exam to get immediate feedback.” - Kate Kelly , AP Social Studies Teacher

GradeCam for Advanced Placement Prep

The AP exams are coming up and we’ve heard from many high school teachers that they love using GradeCam’s scan sheets for quick and easy grading. Here’s what Kate Kelly, AP social studies teacher at Issaquah High School in Issaquah, WA, had to tell us:

Let’s break down what Kate said, shall we?


AP Teachers Use GradeCam Because…

1. Flexible Multiple Choice is our jam!

As you know, the advanced placement exams are composed of two sections: multiple choice and free response. GradeCam is the quickest and easiest solution for grading multiple choice. (We can help you grade the free response too, but we’ll get into that later.)

FYI, We have a feature that allows you to customize your question numbering so you can label numbers 5a., 5b, 5c, etc. Number in whatever format you need up to four characters.

2. You Get Immediate Feedback

You can scan the multiple choice section of the practice test while students are still in class, no hand-grading or running to a centralized machine in the school office.

Some teachers even create grading stations in their classrooms!

Here are instructions on how to set up a grading station in your classroom.

3. Instant Data Leads to Better Scores

You will instantly know which questions your student missed, what they answered instead and can have a dialogue with the student about where they went wrong. Research has proven that the shorter the time between assessment and correction, the more the concepts will “stick” in students’ brains.

What about Free Response?

We’re glad you asked. We have a solution for that too. GradeCam has two question types to handle your free response grading: rubric and rubric with capture.


Rubric Question Type

The rubric question type allows you to review the material and then go into our grading software and mark the scores. So, the student’s total score is accurately reflected.

For more information on the rubric question type, see our tutorial.

Rubric with Capture Question Type

The rubric with capture question type takes a photo of the students’ answer and captures it in our grading software so you can view and mark their score. That way, you can grade all the same answer at once and don’t have to worry about taking papers home.

This question type gives students enough room to either write their responses, draw graphs or diagrams  – whatever the exam requires.

For more information on the rubric with capture question type, see our tutorial.

GradeCam can be your personal grading assistant and help groom your students for AP success! If you don’t already have a GradeCam account, sign up for free in the box below.