March 22nd, 2019

Science Teacher Grades Exams in 26 Minutes!

At the end of every term, teachers are faced with giving exhaustive exams, which can be even more exhausting to grade. Unit reviews and summative assessments are necessary to give but they don’t have to take forever to grade. GradeCam’s easy online grader can save teachers from being hunched over stacks of papers for hours at a time!


How It Works

GradeCam helps teachers by creating scannable assessments on regular paper that can be graded with any device – webcam, document camera, tablet, phone, etc. The scores can be transferred to any electronic gradebook with one keystroke and the data will automatically be aggregated to use with PLCs or student benchmarks.

Teachers can choose from rubrics, number grids, and fill-in-the-blank question types – just to name a few. And, yes, in case you’re wondering, our artificial intelligence technology will now grade your student’s handwriting!


Teacher Testimonial: Science Teacher Saves Hours

Rodney Crouse headshotOne teacher, in particular, wrote to us to tell us how much time using GradeCam has saved him as a teacher. Rodney Crouse, a fifth-grade Expanded Impact Teacher at Falkener Elementary in Greensboro, North Carolina, had this to say:



It is Friday afternoon and I have just given my four blocks of science their summative review on the human body systems, multi and unicellular organisms, and heredity. It isn’t that long of an exam really, only 25 questions. But, when you multiply that by four blocks and 20-25 students per block, it becomes a daunting task grade all of those questions with efficiency, accuracy, and timely feedback.

Not any more – not with GradeCamGo! This particular exam took 26 minutes to grade. That’s it! No more road trips with stacks of paper in the passenger seat and sorted piles in the floorboard. It was complete with data reports for item analysis, student trends, and overall summaries!

Yes, I know that all sounds great – but here’s the real point. This test, in the past, would have taken me no less than 3-4 hours to grade, and once completed. I would still have to plug in numbers and work formulas to get the kind of detailed information that I get instantly with GradeCamGo! Just to bring the image home – I graded 77.9 questions per minute!!

Thank you GradCamGo team for the trials that make my job doable. I appreciate how supportive you are of the work we do to change lives. Only by knowing where our students are on the standards can we help them grow to their fullest potential. Your app makes this possible!


The Results

The end result: 100 exams graded in 26 minutes! Rodney had his exams graded and ready in his gradebook before he left school!


If you’d like to experience the freedom of going home empty-handed as well, sign up for a free GradeCam account in the box below.