September 26th, 2020

Support Your Students’ Continuous Improvement with GradeCam’s Hybrid Learning Bootcamp

Navigating the classroom this fall is anything but normal. With shifting learning and assessment priorities, limited access to instructional resources, and changing classroom re-entry plans, educators face added challenges when it comes to ensuring their students make progress in their studies.

That’s why GradeCam is launching a free Hybrid Learning Bootcamp to support educators as they help students transition with ease as learning environments adjust. This week-long initiative is open to administrators and teachers alike and will help educators develop assessment strategies that support student learning and improve teacher efficacy whether in the classroom or online.

Hybrid Learning Bootcamp is made up of five lessons, delivered once a day, that incorporate foundational readings, video walkthroughs, and downloadable coaching guides for hands-on application. The bootcamp is self-paced so that you can progress through the lessons as it works with your schedule and class situation.

This series provides an opportunity to dig deeper into the assessment process and explore topics like maximizing the value of varying question types, data-based student feedback, asynchronous assessment opportunities, student self-assessments, and performance-based activities.

Whether students are in class or at home, GradeCam enables educators to instruct, assess, then gather and share actionable data to support continuous improvement – confidently.