Online Grader Apps

With increasing class sizes, teacher workloads, and reporting mandates, it’s no wonder that help with online grading is pretty high on the list of requested formative assessment tools for teachers. And responsive learning environments, while highly beneficial to both students and teachers, require more frequent check-ins on student progress.

That, in turn, means more assessments, more paper grading, and inevitably more time. It’s the time portion that is most problematic, because in formative classrooms, fast feedback is the key to adjusting approaches and reteaching material. Many educators try to close the gap using online grading programs to speed up the process, but many test grader apps for teachers have limited functionality and flexibility.

Different needs for different classes

Standard fill-in-the-bubble forms are typically pretty straightforward for subjects that lend themselves to multiple choice tests that can be scored using an online grader. But for subjects where work must be shown or ideas demonstrated – like an algebra formula or a five-paragraph essay – rubrics are a better paper grading tool.

In other circumstances, students may need to write out short number, letter, or word answers, for spelling tests, fill-in-the-blank recall, etc. In these instances, many online scan-and-score teacher apps aren’t flexible enough to accommodate such diverse needs. Unfortunately, teachers often have little choice but to settle for whatever help they can get.

GradeCam's Answer

GradeCam’s online assessment solution was created by teachers to address the full range of needs that arise in formative classrooms. Tests can be created using a variety of answer formats, including customizable multiple choice, grids for numeric solutions, and even short handwritten answers that can be automatically read and graded.

Rubrics question types can be used to simplify paper grading that must be done by the teacher, and a rubric with capture option allows for completely paperless grading on the go. Scanning and scoring can be done quickly and easily using the online GradeCam app with any mobile, desktop, or document camera. And GradeCam even automates grade transfer and data reporting.

See GradeCam in Action

No more road trips with stacks of paper in the passenger seat and sorted piles in the floorboard - Rodney Crouse, Teacher