Affordability equals success

Teachers always seem to have more on their To-Do Lists than they have free hours in their day. The planning and paperwork required, outside of actual teaching in the classroom, can be challenging by itself. And paper grading can be incredibly time-consuming, especially in responsive learning environments.

By nature, formative assessments mean frequent student quizzes or check-ins and timely turnarounds in order to incorporate the insights they provide into actionable teaching opportunities. It’s therefore not surprising that affordable and/or free paper graders for teachers are among the most highly sought-after formative assessment tools. And while functionality limits with some teacher apps aren’t ideal, it’s often the associated costs that make them prohibitive.

Support for every subject

Educators in content areas as diverse as English, history, math, science, and the arts have two important things in common: a need for easy and effective assessment tools, like a test grader app, and limited resources for such additional assistance. District or school-wide access to these support services is ideal, and often the most cost-effective, but even in the absence of such possibilities, teachers frequently take the initiative to seek out help independently. At that point, the largest hurdle becomes the process of comparing and contrasting available options to determine the best option at the best price.


GradeCam was created by teachers, for teachers. And our mission is to empower teachers with tools they that make their jobs easier. That is why GradeCam was developed to be more than just a test grader. It helps at every step of the assessment process from customizing forms, scanning and scoring papers, and auto-recording grades, to generating flexible data reports that can be easily shared.

Since no special equipment or forms are required, answer sheets can be printed on regular paper and scanned with existing mobile and desktop cameras. Grades can also be instantly transferred into any digital grade book. And GradeCam is so confident in the value of our product, we’ll let you try it out for 60 days free – no risk, no obligation. Plus, for every teacher or administrator that you refer to us, we’ll give you another 60 days free. And if your admin is willing to meet with one of our sales reps, we’ll give you a year free.

Watch GradeCam in Action:

No more road trips with stacks of paper in the passenger seat and sorted piles in the floorboard - Rodney Crouse, Teacher