Easy Grade Calculator

Test grading has never been the most enjoyable task for teachers, but as class sizes continue to grow and reporting requirements continue to increase, scoring papers, tests, and other assignments has become an even more time-consuming endeavor than many people realize. In fact, the disparity in perception between how long it takes teachers to grade tests versus how long administrators think their teachers spend grading was explored in a recent Tech & Learning white paper. The insightful feedback revealed in the survey actually highlighted a number of unique and under-appreciated challenges related to today’s multilayered assessment processes that are worth checking out.

In addition to the increase in the number of students that now comprise an average class, the modern movement in education toward responsive learning environments also necessitates more formative assessments in order to establish baselines, identify challenges, and intervene when it can make the most difference. This, in turn, is only further increasing the volume of test papers that need to be graded on a timely basis. It’s no wonder that so many teachers seem to be actively seeking easy grader apps, grade calculator software, and other assessment scoring tools that can expedite the grading process.

Grading Tests: Before and After

If the only struggle teachers faced was figuring out how to grade a high volume of tests quickly, there are certainly plenty of easy test grader and automated grade calculator options on the market that can save time with grading papers. Unfortunately, in many instances, these “solutions” can be quite costly and require not only an initial expenditure for new grading software and equipment, but also an ongoing purchase of special proprietary test forms – not to mention a considerable amount of professional development just to get up and running. That’s an unrealistic expectation for educator’s whose two biggest deficits are time and money.

In reality, teachers need assistance with a lot more than just paper grading anyway. They also need truly flexible options for creating and customizing a variety of quizzes, tests, and other assessments. They need to be able to identify and track both existing and custom standards. They need to be able to review data in a variety of meaningful ways. They need to be able to automatically transfer scores and easily share reports with peers and administrators. Ideally, any easy grader tool or grade calculator program would go above and beyond simply grading to efficiently address the many other steps involved in the assessment process.


GradeCam is an easy grader solution – created by teachers, for teachers – that takes a holistic approach to the assessment process by simplifying and streamlining every step, from creating tests and scoring answer sheets to recording grades and reporting data. Fortunately, that also means saving time at every step in the process as well. With an innovative array of question types available, including completely customizable multiple choice, true/false, matching, short handwritten answers, and even teacher-completed rubrics, creating tests and calculating grades has never been easier for teachers.

GradeCam allows custom answer forms to be printed on regular paper, eliminating the expense of purchasing expensive proprietary forms. It allows forms to be added to existing worksheets, printed in multiples on a single page, and laminated for reuse. Scanning and scoring forms can be done using any mobile device, computer camera, or document scanner, which effectively turns any digital camera into a grade calculator. Flexible and shareable data is then automatically generated. The grades themselves can be instantly transferred to any existing digital gradebook. And students can even scan their own papers to instantly see their grades and/or missed questions, depending on the settings selected by the teacher.