More tasks than time

One of the biggest challenges teachers face on a constant basis is paper grading – essays, formative assessments, summative assessments, etc. The process itself is time-consuming, and the need for fast feedback is critical. Timely data is what optimizes responsive learning environments and guides reteaching. Of course, creating tests, recording grades, and compiling data also take time, and there are only so many hours in a day. For these reasons, many teachers are turning to easy grader apps in an attempt to simplify and streamline some elements of the testing process. However, many teacher grader app solutions aren’t affordable or comprehensive.

Struggling to keep up

Teachers understand the importance of ongoing formative feedback. It helps identify struggling students, challenging content areas, and lessons that need to be revisited before moving on. Common formative assessment tools like daily quizzes and weekly check-ins are incredibly useful ways to take a quick snapshot of how students are processing and retaining material. The issue is figuring out how to grade a test lightning fast, for so many students, on such a frequent basis. To make it work, teachers are employing a variety of techniques, including alternating assessment days, shortening student assignments, working longer hours, and automating assessment processes when possible. It shouldn’t be so hard.


GradeCam was developed apps that empower teachers with a comprehensive solution to assessments that makes every step in the process faster and easier. Well thought-out features make the work teachers are already doing more efficient and effective. Customize tests. Print multiples on a page. Laminate answer keys for re-use. Add forms to worksheets. Choose from multiple choice, T/F, number grids, rubrics, or even handwritten response types. (Yes, GradeCam can even read number, letter, and short word answers written by hand!) Link questions to standards. Score using any mobile, desktop, or document camera. Weight and exclude grades, as needed, and auto-record them with the touch of a button. Access flexible and sharable data instantly. And do it all without special forms, new equipment, or extensive professional development. It really is amazing what teachers can do when they put their minds to it.

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