August 26th, 2016

Getting to the Core of Your Student Data

A new set of GradeCam features now streamlines data-driven decision making at the school or district level, freeing up your time as an admin to focus on what’s most important.

We call it GradeCam Core.


GradeCam Core Features
1. Advanced Administrator Reports

Our advanced administrator reports are all about confident decision-making. With GradeCam Core, administrators now have access to student and teacher-specific assessment data across their school or district. New options allow account administrators to set various roles as needed — flexibility at its finest!

A brief explanation of these roles:

Roster Admin
  • Oversees the school or district rosters
  • Can add, delete, or move students between rosters
  • Does not have access to teacher account information (such as individual assessments)
Role Admin
  • Assigns the roster, reporting and HelpDesk roles
  • Does not have access to teacher accounts
Reporting Admin
  • A new role that gives school administrators access to valuable assessment data at a school or district level, then filter as needed
  • Teachers do not have to share all assessments. Individual teachers still have control over which assessments are shared/visible to a Reporting Admin


2. HelpDesk

Your account’s Role Admin can allow certain teachers to provide in-house support to other teachers in your school or district. This means zero downtime and quick follow-up on those urgent support requests.

When HelpDesk is enabled for individual teachers, HelpDesk admins can print and scan assignments on their behalf – a lifesaver when a substitute teacher needs to be called in at the last minute.

The HelpDesk role does not have any other administrative permissions and can only access an account if the teacher needing assistance enables the HelpDesk feature.

3. Advanced Teacher Drill-Down

GradeCam reports now allow teachers to compare multiple assessments. In the Reports tab, check the assessments you’d like to compare, and quickly view the compiled data by standard, school, teacher, classroom, and/or student.

Armed with the right data, the sky’s the limit! Get the most out of your PLC and team meetings. More accurately determine where a student needs a little boost. Or, figure out what skills you need to revisit in class tomorrow. You’re a superhero, teacher!

GradeCam Core is an add-on product to GradeCam Go! Please contact us at or 866.472.3339 ext.703 if you want to get to the core of your students’ data.