10 Facts: How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Grade Papers Faster

Artificial Intelligence might sound like stuff out of a science fiction television show, but recent advances in scanning technology allow you to go home empty-handed and gain more freedom this weekend.

At this year’s International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, we launched a new feature called Aita — your new Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistant.   

What does she do? How does she work? We’ve compiled ten facts to help you understand the immense grading power behind GradeCam’s newest digital grading assistant.


1. FACT: Aita reads your students’ numeric handwriting.

Yes, that’s right. Aita literally reads your students handwriting. Not only that, she then scores the answer based on the answer key you’ve provided.

Using the new Handwritten Numeric question type, students can bypass the bubble grid and simply write out their number answers. Whether it’s the solution to a mathematical equation, the year of a historical event, or an atomic number from the periodic table, Aita can literally read and accurately score the response on the teacher’s behalf.


GradeCam's Handwritten Numeric questions enable students to bypass the bubble grid and simply write out their number answers.


Here is a tutorial of how to insert the Numeric Handwriting question type into your assessments.


2. FACT: Aita can read numbers, dashes, periods and slashes.

Aita can accurately read:

  • Numerals (0-9)
  • Dashes to represent negative numbers (-)
  • Periods to represent decimal places (.)
  • Slashes in fractions (/)


3. FACT: Aita will tell you the answer is correct, incorrect or needs review.

Aita reads the student’s answer, compares it to the correct answer given in the answer key and either assigns the point value determined, or marks the question incorrect. Aita will alert the teacher if the answer needs review.


GradeCam will read students' numeric handwriting and tell the teacher if the answer is correct, incorrect, or needs review.


When you click on the assessment that needs review, a dialog box appears showing you the answers that need to be checked. You can then clarify the answer and points will be added to the score if the answer is correct.


GradeCam will read students' numeric handwriting and tell the teacher if the answer is correct, incorrect, or needs review.


4. FACT: Aita was named for her potential.

Aita stands for Artificial Intelligence Teaching Assistant. Just as parents carefully name the little ones they bring into the world, we’ve thoughtfully named Aita so she can learn and grow to become your right-hand man, er, woman.

According to this baby name registry, Aita is a feminine name. Bearers of the name Aita are orderly and dedicated to building their lives on a solid foundation of service – perfect qualities for a top-notch assistant.


5. FACT: Aita is learning as you scan.

Artificial intelligence is training computers to do tasks that would normally require human intelligence. In other words, teaching computers to think.

When you scan a handwriting recognition question, Aita makes a copy of the image and runs it through the enormous database of millions of handwriting examples we’ve already fed her.

Every time Aita reads the handwriting on a scan, you are adding to information to the database. The more data she has, the faster and more accurate she becomes.


6. FACT: “Aita” means “help” in Estonian.

Aita does, in fact, mean help in the Northern European country of Estonia and we created her in hopes of being your most valuable teacher’s helper.

GradeCam’s new AI teaching assistant is named Aita which means help in Estonian. We created her in hopes of being your most valuable teacher’s helper.


7. FACT: A Numeric Handwriting question type takes a bit longer to process than a bubble scan form.

When you scan a bubble sheet including a  Handwritten Numeric question, Aita has to step in and handle those questions, which requires a little more processing than the “is it bubbled or not” variety of answers.

The difference in time is only a minute or two to grade an entire class set, and you can continue working on other things in GradeCam while the assessment is processing.

You will see the assessments in GradeCam when they are scanned. The assessment will display as “processing” while Aita is thinking and then the grade will appear once Aita has worked her magic.


GradeCam's handwriting recognition scan forms will show as processing while the artificial intelligence technology takes over.


8. FACT: Aita is not a robot.

Not to be confused with AIDA, our Aita cannot take on human form. 🙂


AIDA of Marvel comic's SHIELD. GradeCam's artificial intelligence cannot take on human form.


9. FACT: The future for Aita is only limited by our imagination.

We’re dreaming big dreams of what Aita can accomplish. Some of our ideas include expanding her vocabulary to include letters and all other characters. She may someday read basic words, phrases, or even sentences. Wouldn’t it be cool if she could read any worksheet!?


10. FACT: You can try Aita for free.

Any teacher who signs up for a trial will be able to demo Aita free for 60 days. Teachers who are already part of a School/District GradeCam Go! license or have an individual GradeCam Go! Plus teacher license will be able to demo Aita free until Oct 31st. After the trial ends, Aita will only be available to School/District licenses as an add-on.

Sign up for a free 60-day trial of Gradecam Go! Plus.