June 20th, 2020

Give Students Remote Feedback on Artwork, Speeches, Science Projects, and More!

GradeCam’s performance, skill, and project-based assessment tools give teachers a comprehensive way to evaluate not only what their students know, but also how they understand the material through different mediums, such as science projects, artwork, and podcasts.

Kate Piland, former classroom teacher and GradeCam Customer Success Specialist, gave this live training in our Teachers Can! Facebook group, a group we specifically created to provide remote learning support for teachers.

Kate goes into deeper detail in the above training video, but the following are quick implementation steps you can use for reference:

Create a Rubric Question Type

When building a rubric question in GradeCam, you can easily link learning criteria with students’ levels of understanding. Then you can determine specific weights of each criterion to fully customize the assignment’s objective.

GradeCam even has the feature of allowing you to tie a standard to each of your criteria, which boosts your rubric question to work more effectively to provide even more robust data to support students.

Go Paperless

With our rubric question type, you have several ways to virtually grade your students’ mixed media projects without adding extra paperwork to your desk. One option is a split-view screen. You can set up GradeCam side-by-side with projects on screen – the digital project to one side and your grading rubric to the other.

If you would rather dedicate your whole screen to reviewing student projects, you can access GradeCam on your preferred mobile device using our app. This is a great option when you are back in the classroom grading projects like speeches or presentations, too.

Still Like Paper? Do a Mix of Both

We know some teachers like to provide feedback by hand. With rubric questions, you can add a rubric capture field to bubble in the score numbers for the rubric but then also add in handwritten feedback for the student. When the form is scanned into GradeCam, it calculates the score and captures your notes to return to the student.

Level Up Your Students’ Learning Using Constructive Assessment

Provide commentary, encouragement, or follow-up questions using the teacher feedback function within rubric questions. This feedback is readily available to your students even though they may not have completed the assignment digitally as long as you post it to the portal.

Constructive assessment works great when there are multiple copies of the assignment, too. For instance, if you are grading an art project on shadows, you can create the rubric form, use it on a student’s draft piece of art, add feedback, and post it to the student portal. Then, you can replicate the same rubric and use it as an assessment for the student’s final submission.

Use Performance Bands to Gauge Student Growth

GradeCam’s performance bands allow you to monitor student growth and proficiency based on achievement on assessments. Whether you have school or district-set performance bands or you create your own, GradeCam automatically sorts students into the appropriate band for their performance on an assignment. You can easily monitor students who may need extra support on an assignment per graded criteria and engage students with challenging post-assignment questions to encourage their proficiency in the subject.

Also, GradeCam’s grade transfer tool seamlessly imports performance band reports into your gradebook with the click of a button.

What else can GradeCam do?

If you’ve never experienced GradeCam before and are coming to us with the recent need for an online assessment solution, let us share a little bit about what we can do!

GradeCam empowers teachers to quickly and easily customize, score, and record assessments – without special forms, equipment, or buy-in. You create your own tests or quizzes with our online software to distribute to students by printing on plain paper or delivery in the online student portal.

Paper assessments are graded in an instant by scanning them with any web camera, iPhone, or Android device. Assessments from the student portal are collected together for review and teacher feedback. Paper or digital, you have all the data at your fingertips. You can view detailed reports of class or student progress, and transfer scores instantly to any electronic grade book.

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