January 13th, 2017

5 Ways to Customize Your GradeCam Assessments

We understand you need options. No two test, quizzes or exams were created equal so neither are our assessment options. Following is a crash course in how to customize your GradeCam assessment questions to meet your needs — making test grading less of a monotonous chore.


Custom Bubbles

You can create up to 10 bubbles on each question. Each of those bubbles can be customized with whatever combination of letters or numbers you choose.

You can do something as simple as create an assignment with alternating row letters so students don’t get off track, or as complicated as a different combination of letters/numbers on each question.

You also have the ability to designate multiple bubbles as the correct answer.


The default question type is Multiple Choice, but you can easily select from other question types as well.

Another question type option is Rubrics. Rubrics are very handy for items the teacher will score and bubble such as a constructed response or essay.

You can customize the value of each score by adjusting the multiplier.

Number Grid

A Number Grid is another question type option. Number Grids are especially handy for math teachers to require a specific numeric value to be entered.

You can design rows and columns with numbers and/or symbols. You may include symbols like + – / * and a decimal point.

The above example would appear on the scan form like this:


For your convenience, we’ve included a true/false question type option. Though, you can incorporate true/false, yes/no, or any other two-choice answer options you wish.

Don’t worry if other questions on your assessment have more bubbles, GradeCam will cross out the remaining bubbles so students don’t get confused.


Attaching standards to individual questions on your assignments is one way GradeCam empowers you with more data. We have a database of national, state and local standards ready for you to search and link to individual questions. The option to add custom standards is also available for school/district accounts.

Adding standards to an assignment will unlock more options to view and analyze assignment data in reports.

Flexibility Rules

With all these customization options, flexible is our middle name! Our goal is for you to bend and flex your GradeCam assessments to meet your individual needs.

Feel free to contact us at support@gradecam.com if you need help with customizing or there is an option you need we don’t currently offer.